Reseller - Application

Fill out this application if you want to be our reseller.

If you are a reseller of IT solutions to customers in the Nordics, you can register as a reseller for us. By registering as a reseller, you get the opportunity to offer all of our suppliers' products to your customers. Different partner levels for each provider exist which means different benefits/obligations.

By being a registered partner you have access to our experts who can help you sell the right solution to your customer. You also get your own contact person who ensures that you receive personal service and helps you succeed with your projects. As a registered partner, you also get the opportunity to register your future business, the benefits you get from this vary depending on the supplier, but can, for example, give you extra kickback etc.

Once you are registered, we will contact you to get a picture of which supplier's solutions you primarily wish to work with and then you will receive a reseller agreement that regulates our business relationship.

Reseller's Form

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