Zero Trust with deviceTRUST

deviceTRUST adds an additional level of security to your Zero Trust strategy. Rich context information and multiple actions via a central management interface across all deployment methods. Use your devices as a security factor and bring your conditional access to the next level!

Context as a Factor

deviceTRUST Contextual Security is the layer to protect a company‘s data and resources and reduces the costs associated with managing and securing digital workspaces while keeping productivity high.

Always Up to Date

deviceTRUST allows you to define an individual context for your devices. Use the device-related information you need to define an always up-to-date context. Your users’ devices become the next factor!

Actions in Real Time

Based on your Context, deviceTRUST runs the Actions you need to protect your environment. Control Access to Workspaces, Sessions, and Applications in Real-Time and every situation. Secure access to your data!

Easily implemented

deviceTRUST’s integrated templates assist with integrating use cases. Based on real-world customer scenarios and years of experience, they are valid for easy, quick implementation and individual customization. Secure your environment in minutes!


Based on your Context, deviceTRUST performs the Actions you need to protect your digital workspace


Conditional Workspace Access

Conditional Workspace Access approach to controlling access to your digital workspaces.


Conditional Application Access

With Conditional Application Access you can define the applications users can access inside their digital workspaces.


Conditional Configuration

Conditional Configuration allows you to configure the user’s digital workspace beyond the standard security approach.



Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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