Application Delivery to Google Chromebook

Securely deliver your apps to any device – without the cost, complexity, or security concerns of virtual desktops or VPNs

Cameyo helps you provide your people with secure access to the business-critical apps they need to stay productive and work from anywhere, on any device. Cameyo’s Virtual Application Delivery (VAD) platform enables your people to quickly and easily access ALL of their apps – Windows, Linux, SaaS, and internal web apps – either from the browser or as Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) for a seamless app experience.  


Why use Cameyo?

As you surely have seen the days when you use a couple of applications installed on your PC are long gone. Today users are used to consuming applications from app stores with a few simple clicks, which in many cases works great.


Legacy Windows Applications?

There are many application vendors that have already made web versions of their old Windows applications, but also alot of applications that are not web based yet. And most of them will never be web enabled.

Cameyo helps you deploy these applications within hours, with very little special knowledge required.

One of the use cases for Cameyo is to enable your users to run a mix of web and SaaS applications togehter with that traditional Windows application.

With Cameyo you can give the users web access to these application from within their browser with minimum hardware and software requirements. All you need is a client device with a HTML5 browser and a Windows Server. Cameyo handles all the rest.

This short 5 minute demo gives a great product overview.


Flexible Deployment Options

From Cameyos cloud hosted management portal the admin has full control over servers and applications.

You can deploy Cameyo as a Fully Hosted solution in your choice of Azure or GCP, or as a Self-Hosted solution in any cloud, on-prem in your data center, or any hybrid environment.

The intuitive console guides you through the setup, but you can also get help from Cameyo when you need it.


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