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Tricerat is the goto solution for solving your remote printing issues in any remote desktop solution. If you are running Terminal Server, Citrix Workspace, VMware Workspace One, Azure Virtual Desktop you should look into ScrewDrivers.

Common Problems with remote printing that ScrewDrivers will solve include

  • No more printer driver testing, support any printer of your choice.
  • TMF format ensures proper output as it is a page description language that was built from the ground to cater for printing needs.
  • Print job streaming allows for faster print outs, printing will start when first page has been transferred.
  • Print job compression allows for printing over slow connections.
  • Font embedding ensures correct output.
  • No additional firewalls etc is needed as print job is sent within virtual channels inside of the communication protocol of choice.
  • Clients for Windows, Linux and MacOSX are available.
  • Supports any remote desktop platform using RDP, ICA or PCoIP. This is very good if you are running a mix of remote desktop platforms. It also means that you can run different versions of ie Citrix as the universal printing is not tied to the product client version.
  • Speeds up your login time as there are only 1 driver to be loaded at the session side, so the driver is in fact loaded already at login and the settings are transferred in milliseconds.
  • Allows for custom printer naming, that gives a printer a static name. For example the printer could be named "office printer user 1"

    This is a common requirement with applications that saves printer names as part of the application configuration.

  • Flexible default printer settings to match any requirement.
  • Allow for different default printer in session than locally, very useful if you have users that only use certain apps in the remote environment.
  • Automatic Client Updates
  • Works with Windows Virtual Desktop Remote Desktop Client (you will need Enterprise version to support the wvd web client)


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