10ZiG RepurpOS 64-bit FREE version

Product Description:

RepurpOS™ Software transforms nearly any device to run a purpose-built operating system for VDI, DaaS, and Cloud.

Too much hardware and not enough performance? Wanting to manage and secure your PCs, Laptops, 3rd Party Thin Clients as you would 10ZiG Thin Clients? Take your existing client endpoint hardware to the next level with VDI, Cloud, and DaaS support from 10ZiG RepurpOS.

10ZiG Repurposing Software transforms hardware into a locked down, secure, and integrated virtual endpoint operating system with easy FREE central management, cost-savings, and peace of mind for a controlled, zero trust-based working environment. Download Overview

  • Operate with purpose-built Linux OS
  • Sustain life of existing hardware
  • Save on immediate device costs
  • Reduce overhead spending
  • Increase security with thin footprint
  • Streamline audio/video communications
  • Simplified licensing model

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Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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