10ZiG Manager Thin Client & Zero Client Endpoint Management Software

The 10ZiG Manager™ is a fully free, easy to use endpoint management software suite provided to customers

using endpoints running on a 10ZiG OS in a virtual desktop infrastructure environment - from x86 devices to laptops, tablets or old, outdated Dell or HP endpoints, among others. The 10ZiG Manager provides IT admins the choice of managing endpoints via traditional LAN/ WAN or the Cloud - using either our Desktop Console or our Web Console. Both platforms come with a variety of features that make managing large volumes of endpoints a breeze, regardless of your location. (Scroll to bottom of page for quick and easy download form.)

The image above is from our 10ZiG Manager Web Console, where devices can be easily grouped and managed by location and then department.



The 10ZiG Manager™ has many features including:

Cloud Ready

The 10ZiG Manager supports Cloud Enablement, permitting 10ZiG Linux Thin Clients and NOS™ Zero Clients to be managed, configured and shadowed over the Internet and Cloud. The 10ZiG Manager Cloud Connector can be installed On-Premise and via Cloud service of choice, including Amazon, Azure, Google, etc. Be careful - other providers charge you an "add on" cost for this free 10ZiG feature.

Role Based Access

With granular access permissions, the Role Based Access tool allows admins to configure Role(s) based on user and group based access. This includes inheritance of Active Directory based Groups and Users. User and Group based Role(s) can be assigned specific privileges, including general access, configuration changes, shadowing, firmware updates and so much more.

Automatic Configuration & Firmware Versioning

10ZiG endpoints can be automatically configured and updated based on group membership. As 10ZiG endpoints are filtered into groups and where applicable, a preconfigured Configuration Template (comprising of common settings (Broker URL/Timezone/Keyboard Language/ SSL certificates) and/or Firmware version is deployed to the 10ZiG endpoint. This makes configuration truly centralized and for ease of deployment and updating.


The Desktop Console provides in-depth reporting, while the Web Console provides helpful visual feedback through the use of colorful graphs. These types of reports include Thin Client; Name, Firmware, Status and MAC Addresses. Additionally, the Web Console Summary can generate PDF documents which are downloaded to the user.

The image above is from our 10ZiG Manager Web Console reporting tool feature described above, demonstrating the visual reporting and helpful graphs that can be pulled by various factors of your choice.






10ZiG Manager features, continued:

Power Management & Schedule Tasks

Admins can create scheduled tasks for maintenance actions through either management console, such as: Shutdown, Reboot, Wake-On-LAN, update firmware, apply Configuration and Resetting to factory default. Each scheduled task can be one time, interval, daily or weekly. This allows users to easily schedule maintenance outside of normal working hours.


10ZiG endpoints can be shadowed via the 10ZiG Manager, allowing admins and technicians to troubleshoot and assist user sessions. In addition, shadowing options can be tailored to suit, including password enablement and user prompting of session access. Where Cloud enablement is used, shadowing is tunnelled securely via SSL, ensuring that all communication is safe and secure.

Distributed Firmware Versioning (DFV)

This allows remote endpoints to host their firmware package files for other Clients on the same network. The benefits include reduced server file hosting load as well as reduced bandwidth demand between the Manager Server network and remote sites when upgrading firmware.


Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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