Liquit Workspace

Product Description:

What If You Could Make Your Applications Flow Like Water from A Tap?


That’s the Liquit Platform in action where:

  • You eliminate provisioning, access, versioning, and all management hassles for hundreds of applications and thousands of enterprise users across Windows and macOS.
  • Everyone gets anywhere, anytime,any device access customized for the way they work
  • You free your IT team from the time stuck on delivery, access, permissions, and versions for hundreds/thousands of applications
  • Every application and service works across today’s hybrid environments
  • You can easily connect and combine backends such as Citrix, VMware and AVD, and combines VDI, TS, and HTML5 virtualization platforms with local, legacy, and cloud apps.

It’s all possible with centrally delivered applications to end-users in a modern workspace via a single platform that’s flexible and easy to use on any device. Just some of the many benefits include:

  • Familiar icon presentation that users just click, and the back-end connections and updating is transparent
  • Self-Service so end-users get what they want when they need it
  • No hassles and no disruptions to getting things done


Your IT team gains powerful application management with:

  • 4000+ curated applications available via the Setup Store
  • Staged development to optimally configure applications in minutes rather than hours or days across enterprise users and groups
  • Deployment integrations so your existing platforms work seamlessly


Smart Icons


Our Smart Icons are the front facing application and service icons that your endusers know and rely on every day. We say they are the key to making applications flow like water because the unique technology behind them transparently and automatically:

  • Uses our connectors on the back end to link to your existing infrastructures and deliver all applications to your end-users as normal.
  • Enables a single IT team member to set up the most suitable IT technology available based on user context to deliver the application or service via the Liquit Launcher, start menu, web browser, desktop, or any third-party intranet/social portal in minutes.


A few Smart Icon features include:

  • Distribution and installation of applications, settings, and variables across hundreds or thousands of users in minutes or hours.
  • Delivers a transparent user experience in seconds via filters and context awareness so every user has the right settings so they can just work normally.
  • The right user sees the right sessions in the right context with smart launch actions that happen transparently after easy setup. This can be a mix of local, on-premises SBC/VDI solutions and cloud workspaces.

Why Partner with Liquit?

Modern application management should work any way, anywhere, and on any device across any platform, service, or environment in a way that seems automatic for end-users and simple/fast for IT. That’s why we say “Liquit makes applications flow like water,” because it:

  • Enables you to improve and streamline current platforms or replace them by eliminating friction in hybrid technology environments.
  • Delivers maximum efficiency and integration across the application, services, and platform portfolio.
  • Lowers TCO while increasing ROI
  • Increases productivity and collaboration that makes your business more competitive and profitable
  • Empowers your organization to work from anywhere on any device while being easily changeable to meet tomorrows needs across hybrid environments and global workforce needs by making remote work effortless, flexible, and consistent


Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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